From Forest To Frame: Mass Timber Developments

Co-located with the Timber Processing & Energy Expo in Portland, Oregon, From Forest To Frame: Mass Timber Developments, will be Wednesday, September 28, 2022.

About From Forest To Frame

The mass timber movement is truly taking shape on the ground with innovative building construction and environmental appeal. Representatives from the leading manufacturers of CLT (producers and equipment suppliers) and from mass timber supporting organizations address this remarkable growth and its unlimited potential that could entice sawmills to turn up the production volume.


Allan Czinger, Senior Account Manager, USNR

Optimizing Sawmills For Mass Timber Production

As cross-laminated timber (CLT) and mass timber increases in acceptance as a building material, demand for lumber as a component of mass timber will naturally also increase. How will it affect log costs? Where is all the kiln dried lumber going to come from? Even if the projections for growth is half of what is forecasted, CLT and mass timber will consume a volume of lumber that is too big to be ignored. Sawmills will need to optimize the overall manufacturing process to consider mass timber in their processes to take advantage of the new market.

Kyle Freres, Vice President of Operations, Freres Engineered Wood

Evolution of Wood Products: Past and Future of Freres Engineered Wood

The wood products industry has a history of innovation, with its primary focus being to do more with a tremendous natural resource. From the humble construction of the first log cabin to the wooden sky scrapers of the future, wood has remained one of the most renewable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly structural construction products ever used. With advancements in 3D modeling, advanced large-format CNC, and robotic manufacturing, the Mass Ply Panel by Freres Engineered Wood is poised to be the mass timber material of choice for constructing the sustainable cities of tomorrow.

Justin Harries, Senior Director, Business Development Manager USA, Binderholz Mass Timber

Bringing Binderholz Expertise To North America

Austria-based Binderholz has evolved into not only a major manufacturer of cross-laminated timber but a collaborative building products and building solutions provider. This presentation reflects on the growth of the company, its entry into North America markets including the acquisition of sawmill operations, and addresses its manufacturing and marketing outlook for mass timber in North America.

Janelle Leafblad, Senior Director, Western Division, WoodWorks

Growing Market Demand for Wood Products

WoodWorks is a non-profit organization established and led by the Wood Products Council and funded by the Softwood Lumber Board, USDA Forest Service, and Forestry Innovation Investment to provide free project assistance, education and resources related to the code-compliant design, engineering and construction of non-residential and multi-family wood buildings. This presentation will update attendees on the WoodWorks program and recent successes converting steel and concrete buildings to wood structural frames. The presentation will include updates on building code development and an overview of mass timber market insight trends.

Derek Ratchford, CEO, SmartLam

U.S. South Mass Timber Growth

This presentation covers several SYP projects Smartlam has completed or currently has under construction. Derek will also discuss U.S. South mass timber growth trajectory in residential and non-residential buildings, while utilizing Softwood Lumber Board data shared by SLB chief marketing officer Ryan Flom.

Russ Vaagen, Founder & CEO, Vaagen Timbers

Mass Timber: From Early Adopter To Mainstream Buildings

 The talk will focus on the start of the North American mass timber industry, the changing landscape of manufacturers, and the battle between supply and demand. Mass timber is quickly becoming the highest and best use for forest products, and is starting new discussions about how the forest industry can be one of the leaders in the focus for ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investments and positive environmental impact. With leading impact investors in the construction field calling CLT “The Fort Knox of Carbon Storage,” the demand for these buildings and the lumber to supply them will be moving ahead rapidly. Mass timber is quickly becoming mainstream and may grow faster than anyone thought.