Sept 28-30, 2022
Portland, Oregon


Hatton-Brown Expositions, LLC has released its initial lineup of presentations for “Workshop Morning” on Thursday, October 18 during the Timber Processing & Energy Expo.

A new event, TP&EE will be held October 17-19 at the Portland Exposition Center in Portland, Oregon. The event is hosted by Timber Processing, Panel World and Wood Bioenergy magazines, which are affiliated with Hatton-Brown Publishers, Inc.

TP&EE caters to primary producers of lumber, panels, engineered wood products and wood energy.

Workshop Morning features several subject areas, including Veneer Lathes & Dryers, Sawmill Scanning & Optimization, Wood Dust Issues & Technologies, Wood Energy Systems, and Sawmill Machinery Alignment. The following is the current list of presentation topics and speakers:

Veneer Lathes & Dryers:

Lathe Line Technologies, Implementation and Integration—Timothy Woodward, President, Daqota Systems, Inc.

Motion Control for Veneer Lathes—Peter Nachtwey, President, Delta Computer Systems, Inc.

Dryer Tune-Ups: The Low Hanging Fruit—Dave Chard, Dryer Specialist, Westmill Industries

Advances in Veneer Dryer Optimization—Tim Fisher, Veneer/Panel Business Development Manager, USNR

Sawmill Scanning & Optimization:

Bringing Grade to the Sawmill—Scott Norton, Optimization Manager, USNR

Practical Carriage Scanning and Optimization—Joey Nelson, President, JoeScan, Inc.

Log Scanning and Automated Grading Solutions—Ludwig Fleischhacki, VP, Microtec North America

Building and Executing Your Optimization Strategy—Andreas Buers, Principal , Pöyry Management Consulting

Wood Dust Issues & Technologies:

Combustible Dust: General Awareness & Safety—Chris Chathams, Safety Manager, Timber Products Manufacturers Association

Controlling Fugitive Combustible Dust: What Wood Processors Need to Know—Brad Carr, President, Integrated Environmental Solutions

Sawmill Machinery Alignment:

Keeping Your Machining Centers Precisely Aligned—Dave Halstead, Lead Metrologist, Measurement Technology;
Matt Settle, Product Manager Precision Alignment Solutions, Brunson Instrument Co.

Wood Energy Systems:

Effective Pellet Moisture Sensing & Control—John Robinson, Principal, Drying Technology, Inc.

Registration for Workshop Morning costs $75 and includes access to any and all of the presentations, as well as a three day pass to the machinery expo, along with a “beer and bratwurst” at the Beer Garden on the exhibit hall floor.

Registration to attend only the machinery expo costs $10 and includes a three day pass to the expo, along with a “beer and bratwurst” at the Beer Garden.

To register, click on ‘Register’ in the menu, then select ‘Attendee Registration’ and proceed through the registration process.

For additional information, contact Dianne Sullivan, show manager, by email at [email protected] or call 334-834-1170.


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