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Daily Video Broadcasts Planned For Upcoming TP&EE


Organizers of the upcoming Timber Processing & Energy Expo have announced that a daily video broadcast report will be aired from the event each afternoon.

TP&EE is scheduled October 15-17, 2014 at the Portland Exposition Center in Portland, Oregon. More than 160 exhibitors will be in attendance to display their technologies and services to primary producers of lumber, engineered wood products, panels and wood energy.

HB Media, an affiliate of show producer Hatton-Brown Expositions LLC, will produce and air a short video broadcast each afternoon of the event at 2:00pmPT/4:00pmCT/5:00pmET. The broadcasts will include video of the expo floor and interviews with exhibitors and attendees.

The daily broadcasts can be viewed on the TP&EE website by visiting the following link: www.timberprocessingandenergyexpo.com/video-coverage. The daily broadcasts will remain viewable on the site after they have aired each afternoon.

A promotional video is currently viewable on the site featuring Show Director and Hatton-Brown Publishers Editor-In-Chief Rich Donnell. You can view it by clicking on the link provided above.

FREE attendee registration is still open! You can register today by clicking here.

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TP&EE Workshops Offer Big Bang For The Buck


“It’s the best deal you’ll ever get on workshops exclusive to lumber and plywood manufacturing,” says Rich Donnell, show director of the Timber Processing & Energy Expo (TP&EE), which will be held October 15-17 at the Portland Exposition Center in Portland, Ore.

Donnell, who is also the editor-in-chief of Timber Processing and Panel World magazines, says 36 industry professionals will deliver presentations during the Lumber Manufacturing Workshop on Thursday, October 16, and the Veneer & Plywood Manufacturing and Engineered Lumber Workshop on Wednesday, October 15. Both workshops will be held in the meeting rooms above the expo floor in Hall D.

“One registration fee of $75 gets you admission to both workshops, or which ever parts of the workshops you want to attend,” Donnell says. “You also get admission to the expo floor for three days and a ‘beer and brat ticket.’ You really can’t beat this deal, considering the valuable information that will be presented.”

The Lumber Manufacturing Workshop on Thursday, October 16, will include three interactive presentations on saw filing & sawing performance; seven presentations on scanning & optimization; and nine presentations on sawmill operations and quality control.

The Veneer & Plywood Workshop on Wednesday, October 15, will include sessions on challenges faced by veneer based producers; achieving successes at a modern green veneer production operation; several sessions on peeling, drying and grading technology developments; and a panel discussion on meeting customer needs.

An afternoon session will cover developments and technologies in Cross Laminated Timber.

Candidate for governor of Oregon, House Rep. Dennis Richardson will lead off the Veneer & Plywood Workshop with a talk on critical issues for the northwest forest products industry.

You can view summaries of the presentations and the biographies of the presenters by going to ‘Attendee Info’ in the menu and clicking on ‘Workshop Information’. You can also register for the workshops by clicking here!

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TP&EE Names Speakers For Veneer & Plywood, Engineered Lumber Workshop


The Timber Processing & Energy Expo will include a day-long workshop on Veneer & Plywood Manufacturing and Engineered Lumber to be held the first day of the expo, Wednesday, October 15, in the meeting rooms above the expo floor at the Portland Exposition Center in Portland, Ore.

TP&EE will be held October 15-17. More than 160 exhibitors have filled the Hall D venue at the Expo Center for the event, which will cater to primary producers of veneer, plywood, engineered wood products, lumber and wood energy.

The workshop kicks off with a speech by Republican House Representative Dennis Richardson, who is a candidate for governor of Oregon, running on a platform for business improvements and the creation of jobs. Richardson is a retired lawyer, business owner and Vietnam War veteran pilot from Central Point, Ore. He is serving his sixth term in the Oregon House of Representatives.

“My goal is to benefit the entire state in a way that will restore the pioneer legacy for our children and grandchildren—a legacy of good jobs for Oregon workers…and an effective, rational policy for efficiently managing our natural and human resources with respect for our quality of life and the environment,” Richardson says.

Richardson is opposing incumbent Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber.

Richardson’s opening talk is entitled, “Critical Issues for the Northwest Forest Products Industry.”

The Wednesday workshop includes presentations on a range of manufacturing processes, as well as an afternoon panel session on cross laminated timber.

Among the speakers are Dick Baldwin, operating partner with New Wood Resources and Atlas Holdings; Scott Weatherford, president of ATCO Wood Products.

The CLT discussion includes presentations from representatives of Weinig and MINDA.

Other presentations will address Turnkey Plywood Plant Technology; Veneer Grading; Veneer Drying; and Lathe Scanning Technology.

And end-of-day panel discussion will address “Meeting Customer Needs,” and include Chris Seymour, Region Manager-Western Oregon Region, Boise Cascade, as moderator.

On the second day of the expo, Thursday, October 16, the Lumber Manufacturing Workshop will be held. A fee of $75 includes access to both workshops, as well as admission for three days to the expo floor, and a free “beer and brat” ticket.

Click here to register today!

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Speakers Announced For Lumber Manufacturing Workshop During TP&EE In Portland


Organizers of the 2014 Timber Processing & Energy Expo, which will be held October 15-17 at the Portland Exposition Center in Portland, Ore., have announced the list of speakers and presentations for the Lumber Manufacturing Workshop, which will be held Thursday October 16 at the Expo Center.

The Lumber Manufacturing Workshop will include 17 presentations under three categories: Saw Filing & Sawing Performance; Scanning & Optimization; and Sawmill Operations & Quality Control.

The cost of the Lumber Manufacturing Workshop is only $75, and includes three-day admittance to the expo floor and a “beer and brat” ticket.

TP&EE hosted 162 exhibitor companies and more than 1,000 attendees from 115 forest products companies and 200 specific mill site operations in 2012. The Workshop Day attracted more than 200 in 2012.

TP&EE is hosted by Timber Processing, Panel World and Wood Bioenergy magazines.

In addition to the Lumber Manufacturing Workshop, a Veneer-Based Manufacturing Workshop will be held on Wednesday, October 15 at the Portland Expo Center. The lineup for the Veneer-Based Manufacturing Workshop will be announced soon.

Following is the list of presenters for the Lumber Manufacturing Workshop on October 16. Specific presentation times will be announced later.

Saw Filing & Sawing Performance

An Interactive Session on Small Diameter Saw Design and Optimization
—Norm Brown, WUSA Sales Manager; Dave Purinton, North American Sales Manager, Simonds International

Saw Shop/Filing Room Safety, Automation & Saw Guides
—Allen Hewitt, Sales Manager; Justin Williams, CEO; Williams & White Equipment

Improve Recovery with Optical Precision Alignment
—Thomas Strenge, Technical Services Business Unit Manager; Steve Addington, Precision Alignment Specialist, Brunson Instrument

Scanning & Optimization

Latest Advancements in Grade Optimization and Quality Control Tools
—Ofer Heyman, Director of Operations; Christopher Rollins, Scanner Specialist, Lucidyne Technologies, Inc.

Selecting Appropriate Scan Heads: What Every Sawmill Needs to Consider
—Joey Nelson, President, JoeScan

Revolutionary Grade Optimization in the Bucking and Sawing Process
— Norvin Laudon, CTO, MiCROTEC North America

Linear Lumber Grading Scanner
—Jean Berube, President, VAB Solutions

Full Log Load Scanning and Measurement
—Mario Angel, Regional Manager, Woodtech-North America

Optimization: From Green End To Planer Mill
—Gale Miller, Southeastern Sales Manager, Autolog

Sawmill Operations & Quality Control

Understanding Key Criteria Impacting on Sawing, Positioning, Feeding and Scanning Accuracies
—Joe Shields, Machinery Support Technician, USNR

Characteristics of Top Performing Wood Products Operations
—Bryan Beck, Senior Consultant, The Beck Group

Keep It Going with Better Motion Control Tools
—Peter Nachtwey, President, Delta Computer Systems, Inc.

Lumber Quality Control: Executing and Improving Your Size Control Program
—Terry Brown, Director, Lumber Quality Institute; Nick Barrett, Partner, SiCam System

Optimize Your Production Plan…Optimize Your Optimizers
—Brad Turner, Principal; Alex Rapoport, Principal, HALCO Software Systems Ltd.

Processing Strategies for Maximum Added Value
—Norbert Ott, Sales Engineer, Linck

Proactive Drivers of Quality Control
—Andrew Smith, Director, Trajectre LLC

Supervisor Performance at the Highest Levels
—Robert Landau, Director of Operations, Pöyry Management Consulting

The cost of the Lumber Manufacturing Workshop is only $75, and includes three-day admittance to the expo floor and a “beer and brat” ticket.

Those not wishing to attend the workshop can register for free to walk the show floor, or pay $15 to walk the floor and also receive a “beer and brat” ticket.

Click here to register today!

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