Sept 28-30, 2022
Portland, Oregon
Brian Fehr

Chairman and Managing Director
BID Group

Brian’s passion for the forest products industry began as a teenager working for his father in sawmills throughout northern British Columbia. In 1983, Brian founded BID, a sawmill maintenance and construction company, with his father Ike and bother David (Brian, Ike, David – “BID”). Over the past 40 years, Brian’s hard work, leadership and business acumen has transformed that single entity into the BID Group, a leading integrated supplier of turnkey solutions for equipment, technology and service to the forest products industry. Brian’s drive and energy extends beyond the industry and is evident in his ongoing commitment to being a strong community partner through community development projects as well as serving as a member of several boards and community groups, both past and present.

Patrick Freeman

Chief Technology Officer
Lucidyne Technologies, Inc.

The leader of Lucidyne’s image processing and defect detection teams, Patrick is constantly on the forefront of innovation in these disciplines. He is the lead architect of Lucidyne’s Perceptive Sight Intelligent Grading, a revolutionary new way to classify wood fiber. Patrick holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University and an MS in Electrical Engineering/Robotics from The Ohio State University. He has been with Lucidyne since 1993.

Mario Godbout

Chief Technology and Quality Officer

Mario received his Bachelor’s degree in Automated Manufacturing Engineering in 1992 and his Master’s degree in Engineering Systems Technology with a specialty in Artificial Intelligence in 1994, from École de technologie supérieure (ETS) in Montréal. He has been with Autolog for 23 years and has held several positions including that of Director of the Optimization group and the head of R&D. He now holds the position of Chief Technology and Quality Officer.

Norvin Laudon

Chief Technology Officer
Springer Microtec

Norvin began his career in Vancouver, BC developing machine vision systems for high speed manufacturing. For the last 14 years he has been involved in the sawmill industry, bringing his experience in machine vision and image processing to log and lumber scanning. While living in Europe for a number of years, Norvin worked with some of the world’s leading CT wood scanning researchers in developing the world’s first high speed CT log scanner designed for sawmills. Once again based in Vancouver, he is now working on bringing Microtec’s scanning expertise to North America.

Laurie McCabe

Sales and Marketing Manager
TradeTec Computer Systems

For the last 20 years, Laurie has sold solutions into production environments—everything from PLCs for Allen-Bradley; ERP for Oracle; and GPS Fleet Telematics for Verizon-Networkfleet. Her education background includes degrees in manufacturing engineering, an MBA from Worcester Polytech and a PhD in organizational leadership from Regent University, where her research focus was traditionally in the area of entrepreneurial leadership, innovation, organizational learning, and biblical exegetics. Currently Laurie is working as sales and marketing manager for TradeTec Computer Systems, a trusted maintenance solutions partner to the forest products industry for more than 31 years.

Ron McGehee

R&D New Product Development
BID Group

Ron is best known as a pioneer of the curve-sawing gang that impacted the sawmilling landscape beginning in the mid 1990s. He has brought numerous other innovative products to the sawmill industry such as a saw guide lubrication system, slew and skew double length infeed, high speed edger and true shape profiler. He has been awarded 25 plus patents on sawmill related inventions. Ron joined Bid Group when he sold his WaneShear Technologies business to Bid Group in late 2015. Previously he operated McGehee Equipment, MaxiLube systems and Ukiah Machine. He graduated with a B.S. in mechanical engineering in 1976 from UC Davis.

Peter Nachtwey

Delta Computer Systems

Peter has more than 25 years of experience developing industrial control systems for hydraulic, electric, pneumatic and vision applications. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1975 with a BSEE and served in the U.S. Navy until 1980. He became president of Delta Computer Systems, Inc. in 1992. In addition to leading Delta’s engineering and R&D programs, his articles are published in industry publications such as Hydraulics and Pneumatics and Machine Design. He has also presented technical papers for IFPE, NFPA, FPDA and various global technical conferences. He is a regular presenter at TP&EE.

Seth Vance

Vice President and General Manager
Timber Automation

Seth joined Timber Automation in 2017 with primary responsibility for company strategy, M&A, optimization, controls and turnkey construction services. Previously, he led a global team to create and scale the leading water quality optimization, data management and device diagnostics platform used in multiple industrial segments as well as municipal water treatment plants around the world. He sees an opportunity to apply similar concepts in the forest products industry to maximize yield, increase uptime and reduce production costs. He has also held leadership roles in sales, marketing and product management for both publicly-traded and privately-held organizations.

Richard Vetter

AMS Solutions

Richard has a Masters of Applied Science in Computer Engineering with a focus on Control of Industrial Processes. He has 14 years of experience in the wood processing industry as a Controls Engineer. As Vice-President of AMS Solutions, he has gained extensive knowledge of developing and commissioning sawmill and planer mill controls systems with a focus on high-speed electric and hydraulic motion control applications.